I've been on 250mg sus EOD and 50ed dbol ed for a little under three weeks. I take .25mg of arimidex EOD and 400 IU HCG twice a week. I have 9 weeks left on my cycle.

I feel like a raging bull in the gym. Kicking the hell out of the weights. My bench went from 225 x8 to 285 x8 in the past 3 week. The test and dbol are clearly doing their job. I eat around 4500 -5000 cals a day and my macros are on point with 400 grams of protein a day being my main concern.

My issue: I'm dead after I workout. I feel like falling asleep or just laying around like I'm completely sapped of all energy. Once my caffeine drinks run out I'm basically worthless.

Is this normal? I lift really hard so is this just an result of that? Anyway I've been searching for solutions so I just bought injectable B12 as I've read that will help with energy.

I have access to anything under the sun and I will take advice from anyone who knows what they're talking about. Besides b12 what else do you all take for energy or to just feel overall better after intense lifts. What research chems do you all take?