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Thread: How do I come off 2 test e cycles on a blast and cruise

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    How do I come off 2 test e cycles on a blast and cruise

    So first I'm 26 years old and did a 12 week test e cycle on 500 mg each week with tbol to kick start for 4 weeks. Then I did pct for 4 weeks and after that I waited another full.month and a half before doing another test e cycle for 12 weeks with dbol at 50 mg for 4 weeks. I decided to cruise as of last month so after that second cycle I've done 175mg test e each week for about 1 month now. but now I'm starting to realize I want to come off and do proper pct and recover. What are your suggestions? Do I need hcg because I already have clomid and nova on hand? Let me know what you guys suggest my last pin of the cruise was last week
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    So, no pct between cycles, no hcg while on cycle, not the requisite amount of time off between cycles, ok. Perhaps you just (also) skip right to the strongest PCT out there? Scaly's PCT is basically different because it tests you with HCG. Personally, I'd skip that art and do the rest. If it doesn't workout, do the HCG testing phase.
    Google it.
    Good luck.

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    HCG would be good for you, however I usually pin 200ui of HCG on cycle so I don't worry about it during PCT, what you have right now I would just rock it out. Clomid Id rock 75mg first week then 50mg and Nolva Id rock 40mg first week then 20mg.. You should be fine but do what Quester suggested, Google it man. You should be good.

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    2 Weeks after your last Test shot, start your PCT of Nolva and Clomid.
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