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    Very high ast alt during test anavar cycle

    Third cycle test cyp 500 at week (2x week) anavar 50mg die, anastrozolo 0.5 e3d and hcg 250ui 2x week start from week 8. Nac 1200 daily. This is my First time with Anavar, blood work in Week 10 (Week 7 for Var) very high values ast alt. Ast 150, alt 450. All other values are optimal. Bilirubin OK, ggt OK, alkaline phosphatase OK. How can values be so high? Perfect diet, no alcohol, how long will the values return to the norm? I have no negative symptom, I'm fine and I had good results.
    I immediately interrupt anavar and continue only testosterone until Week 13 and start pct

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    Orals are hepatotoxic, but for peace of mind it would be better to do an hepatitis blood test.

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    I agree, unless you're on a medication that you haven't mentioned, it sounds like you might have hepatitis C.

    Everyone is different but IME taking one oral shouldn't raise enzymes to that degree. That's over 10 times the normal value for your alt's ,no bueno.

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