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    lets hear ur input on this guys...

    i started a cuttin cycle 8wks ago, i started at 18-20% bf @ 198lbs (5'6) now im at 11.8% and sittin about 180lbs.. (on prop/fina 75mg ed, .25ledx)

    things was goin well till wk 7 and then i started to loss muscle and strength BIG TIME... so i put the diet and cardio on hold for 7 days so far, and i started 40mg NAPS and .5 ledx ... now its been 7 days and im just startin to gain my strength back...

    now do u think i should keep doin this maintenance diet for another wk then go back to my cardio or should i start my cardio and diet right away ...?? my goal is to reach 8% bf ... so i wana loss 4% more, or 8lbs

    thx in advance


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    Increase your protein count and no more cardio for the week. Try circuit training or making your rest-time in between sets very short to keep your heart rate up. It'll help preserve muscle and put your body into an interval-type cardio method while still stimulating your muscle and nervous system.

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    are you eating any carbs at all? If you are on a strict protein or keto diet then you need to allow yourself a carb up day at the very least after 9 days. I tend to go once every 7 days since that works for me. thats just a shot in the dark since I didn't find alot of info about your diet with your question. what ronnie stated also rings true but if you are so carb depleted you can lose tons of strength as well as energy.

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    ronny has a great response to the problem. plus you are not far from your goal. depending on how much time you have left on your cycle im sure you can finish off the 4% on your own. remember its not what you are putting in yourself its the effort you are putting out. this shit doesnt come or go like magic. you can finnish off on your own. do the rest of your cycle the best way (whats working for you at this point) and finnish on your own.

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