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    Need Suggestions

    If you get a chance take a look at my only other post to find out more info on me.

    48 years old
    Working out since college
    Have done a few cycles before but the last one was probably 13 years ago
    Taking 450 mgs per week of Test Prop and NPP at 300 mgs a week. I shoot M W F
    Coming up on 12 weeks on this cycle and thinking of extending to 16 weeks

    I went from 192 to 204 lbs. since starting. Actually got up to 216 but the last 4 weeks I wanted to lean out. This was at the beginning and am sure a lot was water bloat as I needed to make my adjustments to my Arimidex which I actually switched to Aromasin .

    Strength has increased dramatically. I put all that in my first post if interested. But very solid strength gains.

    Ok, now to my question. If you read my post you will also know I have to be super careful with my liver. I think these two are the only ones that are really not harsh on your liver. You will also know that I had low test levels going into the cycle. You know the problems associated with low test levels. My levels were not low enough to go through insurance. If I stop it will change my life dramatically. Even if I do a perfect PCT that just gets me to where I was. I wrote this in the other post but I had absolutely zero interest in sex. You could put Giselle right in front of me nude and I would not care. Of course, this changed really dramatically. I mention Giselle but I am married to hot piece of ass. She loves the new me. I’m having to tone it down a bit as I was wanting it constantly.

    Ok, now the actual question: can I stay on Test Prop permanently? I can handle poking myself three times a week because that is all I can do. I would love to take one shot of Cyp or Enanthate but just can’t.

    Any kind suggestions would be great.

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    You can stay on Test permanently if you're a TRT candidate. Staying on Test @ 450mg/wk permanently is not a good idea.

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    Not everyone on trt is doing it through a doctor. If you have a good source and you know your gear is legit and dosed properly, then you can just as well do the shots yourself.

    Injecting 3 times per week WILL get old eventually. Trust me. Once the nostalgia of the new you wears off and you're used to just being this way now, sticking yourself eod surely will become a pain in the ass! And when that day comes simply switch to enanthate or cypionate instead. Be sure to continue the prop for ~3 weeks after you start a longer ester to make sure it's built up in your system.

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