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    TREN Hairloss? Is it more about the persons doses than any thing else?

    Naturally, hair loss is a side effect but I have been listening to some poeple online who are saying the user is more to blame than the solution because if done right you should not lose your hair. Anyone have enough experience with hairloss or not losing hair.

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    I have strong history of MPB in my family. I personally started losing hair at 15, continued all the way until 21, which is when i started taking finasteride alongside minoxidil - then it came to a halt. But its safe to say that I am very prone to hair loss.
    I have ran test, npp, eq, anavar in the past without any further hair loss happening. I am currently on tren ace 350mg per week alongside test for about 4 weeks - have not noticed any additional hairloss.

    I can only speculate obviously.....

    But my guess is that tren or other compounds that people shit their pants over losing their hair on because they are supposed to be BIG DADDY ANDROGEN that will definitely zap all your hair away is a little over-hyped. I think the main culprit is and will always remain above all else, DHT. Hence, finasteride (that would explain why mine has not progressed even while taking more androgenic compounds). Most guys (I would hope) that run tren or deca or eq, or w/e the fuck compound that they claim kills your hair, run it ALONGSIDE test. Test turns into DHT. Without finasteride, they most well-established culprit can run amock.
    So they do a test/tren cycle and lose a bunch of hair.....and blame the tren....nobody stops to think, what about the test???

    Fyi, everything I said might just be a ton of garbage. I'm only guessing here.

    Best advice I can give you is that the only way you will know what the answer is 100% is to TRY FOR YOURSELF AND FIND OUT.

    Good luck!

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    If you're prone to losing hair IE you have a genetic / family history for it , you have no way to stop this currently . The best shot guys like this have are getting it put back in with stem cells in the future to regrow new hair . You can reduce this from happening as dramatically or rapidly by using lower doses of drugs , running things like finnasteride , keeping your levels in check but ultimately , it will still be occurring if the person is prone . Now if you have no genetic issue like myself , i can run all the tren in the world and i won't lose any hair but that's in theory anyways , you get the point .

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