Hi All,

I just made this account to share my first 16 days on my first cycle:

November 2017: went on Keto to support my dad in losing weight and also quit olympic weighlifting after sustaining torn meniscus in both knees, torn supraspinatus and infraspinatus in the right and left shoulders respectively
- Lost 50lbs but joints still hurt slightly
Jun 1: went on 3IUs growth ED to heal my joints - sleep became amazing, skin great, penis grew (no lie, gained about 1/3 of an inch), joints healed
- Still on this ED and will be on it for a long time since Im on keto and the diabetes issue is avoided

Jun 20th: since I was officially not natty anymore I decided to start my first cycle. Ordered everything from Transpharma. Have my PCT planned out perfectly
- 186lbs, 11%bf, 5'9"
- 420lbs squat - with Belt
- 335 lbs pause bench
- 545 dead
- 250 push press

Days 1-8: started cycle on Jun 24
- Test E 0.4mL EOD : 350mg/week
- Anavar 60mg ED
- Asin 12.5mg every third day
I gained 24 lbs. My lifts were incredible. Hit 445 squats like it was air. 295lbs push press. Nipples became incredibly puffy
I talked to some yolked lads at my gym and the consensus was the VAR was heavily cut with Dbol , especially since I had dropped my calories by another 400/day and gained that much weight and strength that fast. Nipples looked hefty on this day

Day 9: Got Var from Pareto and started taking that. My weight stabilized, and upped by Asin to 12.5mg EOD. Test still EOD at 350mg/week
nipples became incredibly sensitive and looked mighty puffy

Day 11: noticed my ball sac was almost gone...While having sex, erection didnt seem as strong and while she was on top, I noticed my left testicle literally next to my shaft. PEPEHANDS

Day 12: Another yolked man at the gym gave me Letro (3 x 2.5mg tabs) - took one on day 12
PR bench pause attempt at 365lbs was very successful.

Day 13 and 14 and 15: 1.25mg Letro and upped Asin in conjunction with this to 12.5mg/day
-Training was still great every day
-Day 13: hit 465 squat. probably had 480 in my legs but right knee felt a little off so I figured better safe than sorry. Joints were the reason I gave up the natty card

Day 16: still not the slightest sign of an estrogen crash. Still having night sweats but less. nipples looking slightly less puffy today. Mass under nipples has not grown for the last 2 days. No fatigue or lethargy. No dry lips. Slight amounts of joint crackling but nothing painful. Testicles less shriveled
Weight has dropped 5lbs since Day 9 when I stopped taking the transpharma var

1. Should I keep on taking Letro and Asin together?
2. When taking Asin, what is the way to ensure it is experiences the most effect absorption? (i have read lots of mixed reviews on this so feedback on it would be great - currently taking it at the same time every day followed by 60g moneterey jack cheese 18 fat, 16 p)
3. Has anyone else experienced bad things from Transpharma?
- I didnt even bother getting a labmax kit to test them...their pills are super large and white with 10mg/tab, and pareto's tabs are 20mg/tab, burgundy in color and about 1/4 of the size of the pills I got from transpharama
4. Should I test my Test E and Asin and Nolvadex from them? If yes, how would I go about testing each respective compound?
5. Do you know of any reputable and trusted source for Caber and Ralox in Canada?

Thanks to everyone in advance for reading and answering <3