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    Anyone have experience mixing your own blends from different vials for travel?

    Has anyone mixed their own blends from different vials into a single vial such as test and tren ?

    I'm going out of the country to compete in a powerlifting meet later this year while on test cyp and tren ace. I'm on prescription TRT and I have saved a bunch of the empty vials. I was thinking about adding some test and tren to one of my prescription vials to take with me the few days while I'm travelling to the meet. When I mix them in the syringe just before injecting in the past it doesn't seem to be an issue. Any thoughts?

    The cycle for my last meet was 750wk test cyp and ramped up from 50ED to 100ED tren ace over 8 weeks plus some orals during the last few weeks with really good success. I will likely follow something similar for the next meet.

    I can't think of a safer way to bring the tren ace with me while travelling to maintain levels right up to the meet.

    Tren Ace is my preference over Enth as I have to get bloods drawn every 6 months for TRT purposes.

    I have brought my prescription Test and Arimidex through the airport a couple of times now without issue (pre Trump). I put them in a zip lock bag in the proper containers with my name on it with the doctors script and put them through the x-ray machine separately in a white bin. Needles and syringes go in checked baggage with a note saying the meds are in my carry on baggage.

    Local buddies just said to mail it to the hotel but I'm not willing to take that chance.

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    I mix blends all the time depending on my cycle goal. I mix Test/Mast/Primo/Tren for cutting and Test/Deca /EQ for bulking, etc. It's way more convenient to combine gear in a single vial instead of drawing from several vials into a single syringe.

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