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    Clomid as standalone test booster/performance enhancer?

    Hi. Long story short, I'm 24 years of age, 6'3, 185lbs. Been training for 5 years. Recently found out that my total test is kinda low with quite high E2 (I'll attach blood results at the end). Tried some test boosters like ashwaganda, tongkat ali, DAA but they had very little impact. Only managed to raise total test from 399 to 454.

    Anyway, I never did any cycle previously and never will probably but always liked to read and educate myself regarding AA's. And I remembered a compound called clomid. Now I thought if bodybuilders use it to kickstart their natural test production after cycle, why can't I use it as well to increase my test?

    Anyway, what worries me is that clomid might also raise estrogen in conjunction with testosterone and since I already have high E2, at the end the effct might be not what I'm aiming for. Or worse.

    So, any recommendations here? Should I ditch clomid completely? Or maybe try stacking it with some AI?

    Also, could it be that my low test is because of high E2? I mean my LH is normal, so maybe there's nothing wrong with my HPTA and additional increase in LH from clomid might not do anything.

    Any recommendations would be highly appreciated.

    P.S. Sorry for blood results in foreign language. The first number is my result and the last one is normal range. Oh and E2 might be in different units than you're used to see. So by your units, it's 37. Pg/ml that is.

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    I dont think its a great idea.

    You never specified but im assuming you hace had symptoms that a low testosterone person woulr be experiencing? 400ish ng/dl is okay test levels but at 24 you should be expecting far higher imo.

    Step number one should be evaluating lifestyle
    -are you getting enough sleep?
    - are you getting a nutrious diet?
    -are you drinking excessively?
    -do you get enough fat in your diet?

    These sorts of thing if fixed, can make a difference in test levels.

    If you exhausted the above, i would speak to a doctor, specifically an endocrinologist or a urologist. Explain your thoughts and symptoms you have. If it is having a major impact on your life you need to hammer this point to the doctor.
    I wouldn't advise clomid on its own by yourself.

    I used clomid under doctors orders, test went to around 1400ng/dl with estrogen through the roof but i still felt low t. Clomid is strange, works with some people but not in others.

    I am on nebido 1000mg of test undecanoate every 10 weeks. This has made a world of a difference in my life at 19 years old

    Make sure you are getting your blood test first thing in the morning

    Dont rush into drugs. Lifestyle changes first and if its that bad and nothing has changed, seek medical help.

    Let us know how you get on
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    Appreaciate the info. To answer, I don't drink. Nutrition is not bad. High fat (mostly mono and saturated) high cholesterol intake, moderate to high protein, moderate carb. Decent amount of vegetables and fruits. Only problem I would maybe recognize is sleep. A little bit fuked up. But usually manage to get 6-7 hours on average. So not the worst but could be better. And one more thing. It's somehwat embarrassing to say but..haven't had sex in almost a year. Don't know how much this could possibly affect testosterone and other related hormones.

    Anyway, I wouldn't say that symptoms of low T are that much present. Actually it's more like otherwise. Or should I say mixed symptoms of low and high T actually. Libido is more than fine. Anger, rage and aggressiveness is through the roof. Like it takes very little to make me flip out. Something like a pencil drop or annoying fly around me sometimes makes my blood boil. Not that I like it, just saying. One possible symptom could be that I usually feel kinda sluggish throughout the day and overall energy levels and motivation to do even simple things could be higher. Also mood changes like every 3 seconds. But usually feeling somehwat depressed. Maybe it's high estrogen that is causing all this?
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