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Thread: 1st Cycle. Test+Anavar please help/read.

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    Cool 1st Cycle. Test+Anavar please help/read.

    Hi everyone! I am new to this forum so let me make a quick intro.

    I am 20 years old. 5í10 and I am currently 170lbs at 11% bf.

    I have been lifting since I am 14 because of high level hockey competition. I have a pretty good cardiovascular health in general due to that.
    I stopped playing competition after high school and I gotten into the gym more and more and I can say Iíve been taking lifting seriously for over 3 years!
    So, why do I want to do a cycle?
    I did for the first time a serious cutting phase. It lasted 12 weeks and Iíve used iifym and calorie counting. I say iifym but I was eating clean as fuck and doing carb cycling and I was coached by a menís physique pro the whole 12 weeks. Training is a classic push pull legs 6x a week with heavy compound movements focusing on strength gains and isolation movements as well. Did lots of cardio as well. I am currently experiencing the ďside effectsĒ of not having a plan after my cut. Eating got but out of control. Been binging a lot lol. I was 176lbs before the 12 weeks. At 13 bf. After the cut, I was 155 at 9%. Felt like shit all the time due to low calories and high cardio. I told my trainer I wanted to do a cutting phase like I was preparing for a show. I wanted to see what It felt like! So here I am 2 months later at 165-170lbs at 11bf.

    Iíve been reading a fucking lot on steroids and their effects, been reading studies and I am informed that oral only cycles are not recommended. I wanted to go for an Anavar only 8 week 60mg a day cycle with a proper pct. I wanted to do that for the low sides of Anavar compared to other steroids.

    What I have concluded would be the best for me, is going for a test along side with Anavar. And no need to tell me I am to young and I havenít reach my full natural genetic potential. I know and I am aware of that. I want to experience what it feels to have veins, strength, and energy while losing body fat. This is what I though of a good cycle.

    10 weeks total on gear.

    Test prop 250mg a week 1-10

    Anavar 60mg ed 1-7

    Pct I will go for Nola Dex and clomid I donít know how much to take and for How long as well.

    I will be honest. I am a little princess when it comes to my health. I wonít ďjust be a real man and shoot 500mg test with tren and dbol and fuck bitches in the ass for a monthĒthatís not me. I would freaking be grateful for a reply from an experienced user of anabolic ! Why only 250mg a week? Because I donít want to feel the sides of the low t Anavar only cycles does. Itís just to be safe because otherwise I would do a Anavar only cycle hands down.

    My goal: I am at 11bf. I want to drop that to 8-10%. I want to look full and not flat. I want to feel strong as well. My thoughts were that at 250mg of test p, that would make me feel good and strong, while having the benefits of my diet and Anavar.

    Here are my questions:
    1st: Will I feel like shit after my cycle? Even if I invest in a good pct?

    2nd: Is this a good plan For ŗ first cycle? I am open minded.

    3rd: My plan is to take steroids only when I cut for the summer, I donít mind having a little body fat during winter, So basically, I will never run a steroids cycle for muscle gains only purpose. I donít really care about that. I care about looking and feeling great. So my 3rd question is:

    3:If I take Steroids to help me maintain my muscles while losing fat, getting shredded, and feeling great while doing it. Will I feel depressed and lethargic after my cycle for the whole winter? Because I only want to use them to get me to that next level shredded look and maintain that for the summer, and than reverse diet during winter. And just to make sure, diet and training wise, I am really educated and I have good program for my goals. Itís just steroid wise, I am scared a little of feeling depressed and lethargic afterwards and again I know I am a little princess but hey I assume it!

    4: what would be a good pct for this cycle?

    5: I know itís not really the best but I do not have any friend that are in the gym like I am... so I was looking to get them from an UGL. Iím from Canada. Was looking for Newport, looks like itís the most trusted. If you have experience or info on them, let me know if this is a good place to get them.

    So to make things easier for your eyes guys, here is the resume of all the shit I just told you.

    I am:
    20 y/o
    Lifting for 6 years,
    Last 3 years = serious.
    Concerned about depression and feeling like crap.

    Goal: use anabolics only for cutting season to maintain muscle, feel good while getting to that next level shredded state. Maintain that thought summer. Then come off and reverse diet.

    1st cycle idea: test prop 250mg/week 1-10
    Anavar 60mg ed. 1-7
    Clomid/nolva ??mg 11-14
    Refer to
    My questions above
    Thanks In advance guys

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    Well I guess it's better to be too young and get good advice than to be too young and not get advice (ugh).

    USUALLY it's best to do a test only cycle, although I've heard it's not a horrible idea to use anavar with it on a first cycle. I'd actually like to know more on that myself.

    As for PCT, the general recommendation is Clomid: 75/50/50/50(mg/day) and Nolvadex : 40/20/20/20.

    You'll want to throw some HCG in there. Research more on that, but in short, HCG keeps your nuts working to make the PCT transition easier.

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    Read this. It's right in your face and would had saved my life.

    The beef here is that way to many people have sculpted the path for us. We're only continuing to trek down further where experienced people ventured already.

    Test only cycle will blow your pants off and I really can't stress enough what you learn on it is amazing. 8 weeks in things start getting real that's when your start to really learn how you'd body is taking the cycle. What it is when things go south on your cycle you want to know what's causing it and you may not know with anavar . Your PCT is your biggest part and try to view PCT and your cycle as one unit not two different parts.
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    I know it’s against the grain here but an anavar only cycle is fine adding test is optimal but if you want to try it solo be prepared to be underwhelmed in it effect compared to anavar with test(it is after all the weakest of aas)...I wouldn’t try this with any other oral except maybe tbol...

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    I just re read your post and didn’t catch you where 20yrs advise would be to continue the lifestyle natty for now you have no idea the real life conciquenses shutting down your endocrine may think you know but listen to those that made the mistake before you...wait a few years and see if you still want this...

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