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    HCG Dosing Question

    Hello All!

    I am looking for confirmation on what I’m doing is in fact correct which I believe it is. But would like to confirm with the more knowledgeable people on here.

    So I mixed 11ml of Sterile Water with a 11000IU vial of HCG
    1:1 Ratio
    I am using an insulin syringe to inject subcutaneously into my stomach daily.
    The insulin syringe I am using is marked in “units” not “IU”. The syringe has a total of 50 “units”(.5ml) From what I’ve read if you mix 1:1 Ratio then 10 “units” is actually (100iu HCG). So if I want to inject (50iu HCG) daily, then I must fill until the hcg is at the 5 “unit” mark correct?

    Thanks for the help!
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    My question is why are you pinning daily ?

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    You don't need to inject daily, twice per week is sufficient. If you mixed 11,000IU with 11mL that is 1000IU/mL it's basic chemistry and math. 0.5mL for 500IU injected twice per week.

    In the future, use less water to mix.

    Keep it in the fridge, sanitize/disinfect before each use.

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