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    Beginner Cycler, always looking for advice

    Hello! I have done what I consider to be pretty extensive research before posting this. I am not a bodybuilder or powerlifter, more in the vein of a gymnast and martial artist, so I have constructed my cycle accordingly.

    Weeks 1-8 will consist of oral Anavar and Winstrol at 50mg/day, and weekly injections of 250mg of Test-E. I have a quality aromatase inhibitor and post-cycle therapy selected as well, which also assist with prolactin control, hormone optimization, and cardiovascular health. I plan on running PCT for 4 weeks, and starting this same cycle again after a 10 week break.

    One of my struggles has been finding a good supplier for Anavar, in 50mg tablets. Any direction in that regard would be much appreciated.

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    - Asking for an Anavar source is asking to be scammed as this is not a source board. You just need to continue researching and spending more time

    - There is a stick at the top called my first cycle, read it as it contains valuable information

    - First cycle should be test only. This is because you want to see how your body reacts just to an increase in Test levels. Running into side effects with multiple compounds (test var winny), means you won't be able to determine which compound is causing which side effect. This means you'll waste half, if not more of your cycle correctly side effects playing a guessing game.

    - Running oral Winny and oral Anavar at the same time isn't advisable because oral steroids are hard on the liver. Two orals at the same time is a lot of toxicity to put the body through.

    If you aren't a professional athlete and not making a living from martial arts and gymnastics then you need to strongly consider the effect steroids has on your health.

    If you are a competitive athlete then also keep in mind detection times if you expect to be tested.

    - 10 weeks is not enough of a break before cycling again

    - You have no idea how your body will react to the first cycle so planning a second cycle already is getting ahead of yourself

    - No mention of bloodwork before and after cycle - going in blind just opens up pandora's box to potential problems.

    - No mention on HCG on cycle

    - Running Test E for 8 weeks accomplishes nothing

    - Steroids will provide nothing but an empty wallet if your nutrition program is not optimized

    For extensive research done, everything in your proposed plan is wrong. There is nothing beginner about the cycle. Read all the educational threads - they will provide you the knowledge and tools to be successful.
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