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    First cycle

    177 lbs
    13% bf
    23 yo
    I'm looking to start my first cycle, I plan on running sust and clen for 12 weeks as recommended by a more experienced friend of mine, I'm looking to cut down bf and put a little size on at the same time. I've done alot of research and I'm seeing alot of mixed opinions, should I run an ai during cycle to prevent gyno etc. Or just have it on hand incase it does develop. Is it better to be safe or will it kill gains in lowering estrogen too much? Then for the clen I've read alot about others taking benadryl to clear receptors at every week 3 for the whole week, I've also read alot about people saying not to do that. What is your opinions, and if you do take it, how much? Any help is appreciated

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    Alright, to state the obvious. You are a little on the young side to start cycling. You don't need to cycle with natural test levels as high as a 23yo typically produces. Second, you are 5'10, 177. You need a few years of lifting and adding muscle. Visit Diet and Nutrition, Workout section too. Lifting history?

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    And if you are gonna go do it anyway, grt a single ester test. No need to do sust on first cycle. Keep it simple.

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