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Thread: Stinging while injecting

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    Stinging while injecting

    Does anyone else get this 2 weeks in a row while injecting it's a stining burning feeling while the pin is going in once done it's fine... maybe I'm using achohal wipes to soon and not drying or to late and they are drying to fast?

    I'm injecting only .75ml on trt once a week

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    If you are talking about a slight pain while pushing the needle through the skin , then of coarse you will feel a sensation that isnít fun lol.
    You piercing your skin with a needle brother

    .75ml ? Exactly what is your TRT protocol? How old are you ?

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    Had em all, stinging while pushing, stinging while pushing in the plunger - stinging while the needle is pushed in, seems to be site dependent, stinging while the oil is going in usually means it's too warm.

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    Maybe too close to a nerve or small artery, try a different site all together, also try injecting slower.

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    Once I have the skin prepped, I jab the needle in fast and don't push it in slowly. You're pushing a foreign body into your skin. It's going to be uncomfortable. You get used to it after a while.
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    Had that happen a few times, I guess that it was from knicking a nerve since it only happened in delts / leg where there are more blood vessels and nerve endings. If it is just when the pin is going in, just a thought, maybe you are putting the needle in too slowly. Found that hurt more than throwing it like a dart.

    Hope that helps

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    sounds to me like you need to let the alcohol dry before you inject
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    Could be the gear, but inevitably you will feel some pain from jabbing yourself. I’ve only had one time where I absolutely had to remove the needle and hit a different spot, that was when I tried to inject in my quad, never did it again. I think it hit a nerve because the pain was constant and the more I pushed the plunger the more pain I felt. And it went up and down my leg.

    Also, like it has been stated above, push it in quickly. Don’t slowly insert it like you do with your girlfriend, pound it in like you do with your side chick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Deadlifting Dog View Post
    sounds to me like you need to let the alcohol dry before you inject
    Yup that's exactly what it sounds like.

    OP give yourself a solid 60 seconds after wiping the area with alcohol before injecting cause that stinging you're referring to is from the alcohol not being fully dry, and you don't want the needle bringing some alcohol on its journey into your body lol cause it will sting like hell.

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