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    My 8 days PGCL cycle

    Hello guys,
    Recently I ran a PGCL cycle. Before starting the cycle, I read many posts and I'm writing this post to clear some confusions.
    Before starting I was 93kgs and after 8 days cycle and 10 days later I weigh 89kgs. I can see that most of the lost weight was water but I lost side fat too. My waist was 36 before but now it's 33 inches. I never did cardio in my life.

    I started with 50mcg/day and I injected sub-q. Sub-q was not as bad as others pointed out. I never felt any pain while injecting. After injecting, there is a small "ant bite" like feeling in the injected area but it lasted only 5 seconds.

    I have never felt any horrible sides either. I injected 50mcg for 3 days and then increased the dose to 70mcg. That's my final dose. I never increased beyond that. Fat burning is possible even in such small doses. No need of going for 200mcg/day and injecting multiple times a day. This is just my opinion though.

    As for the sides, I did feel increase in temperature but not intolerable. With PGCL, I was running a tren and test cycle and was using clen 60mcg/day too. I can't exactly tell which one caused the increase in body temperature since every compound I was using except test elevates body temperature. I'm still running my test + tren cycle. I'm on the 6th week now. I usually take bath 4 times a day. So body temp was not at all a problem for me.

    As for the shi**ing side, It was not horrible. First day it was like hell because I ate some spicy food before the injection and my ass was burning like hell while shi**ing. From the next day, I stopped eating any spicy food and included curd and a banana in my diet. From that day, I didn't feel any problem. Yes after 15 - 30 minutes of the injection, I felt like rushing to toilet, but it only lasted for 15 minutes. It was not bad at all. It was like everyday.

    What I did was take the dose, go to toilet after 15 minutes. Take bath after it's done because I would be covered with sweat. I would drink half a liter of water after it. Then again i would be forced to rush to the toilet. Then another 15 minutes in the toilet. That's it. Done for the day.

    My diet was not strict but I was not eating any outside food. I eat oats,eggs, a banana and a cup of curd in the morning, a bowl of white rice in the afternoon, chicken breast, eggs , protein shake after workout then chapathi and egg burgi for dinner.

    The result was good. I lost 4Kgs in only 8 days. minimum or no sides. It was a good run. Definitely going to try it again.

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    PGCL is not doubt effective is used correctly but can have some NASTY side effects if not used right.

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