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Thread: HELP! Important cycle question needing an answer today!

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    HELP! Important cycle question needing an answer today!

    I am a 28 y/o male with a couple cycles under my belt. Athletic build weighing in at 175. I am at the end of week 10 of a 500 mg/week enthanate cycle with a 4 week superdrol kickstart at the beginning.

    Here is my issue: I accidentally broke a half vial of enthanate (the rest of my supply) 12 days ago. Since that happened I have not pinned but I have been supplementing with the remaining superdrol 20 mg/day to keep my test up until the new vial arrived. The new vial came in today and the question is, should I pin the enthanate tonight with and go for another 5 weeks or since it has been 12 days and the enthanate is gone out of my system should I just stop everything and start PCT tonight? I would like to continue my cycle if possible but don’t want to mess up my test levels or crash. I have 2 weeks of superdrol left so I could potentially keep running that while I wait for the test e to kick back in. What are your thoughts? End the cycle or keep going? I’ve gained about 15 lbs but am really looking to gain 10 more. Thanks!

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    hi, personally I would just end the cycle now...the reason I say this is that the test e will be clear of your system in 2 more days and if you start back up it will take a few weeks to kick in again as you probably know so its like starting over...the s-drol dose not raise your testosterone levels it in fact suppresses it pretty hard as do most pro-hormones...that's my 2 cents... im sure you want to hear otherwise but that my opinion...good luck whatever you decide...
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    You still have plenty of exo test in your system. The half life of enanthate is about 7 days I believe, but it takes much longer to clear the system as half life is a rate of metabolism not time frame.

    In 7 days HALF of the test you injected 7 days ago will be metabolized, 7 days later half of THAT amount is metabolized, and so on.. So it actually takes a lot longer than we think for levels to bottom out.

    But whether to continue or not is your decision. I would ask this: What are your goals and have you achieved them? How is your health?

    What I did next would be based on the answers to those 3 questions.

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    End the cycle, do your PCT, and then save your new Test for your next cycle. I always keep backup gear for this exact situation or if I decide to run it longer or higher during the end of the cycle.

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    The fact you thought superdrol would raise your test up tells me you should not be cycling.
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