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    First Cycle need some help

    Hey guys I'm in my first cycle wanted some imput

    Currently cutting. I'm 5'10, 177 pounds, 29 years old( was 185 when i started) 39 days for this to happen.

    Took anavar for 5 weeks at 60mg day(didn't notice anything)
    Increased to 90mgs a day, have about one week left of pills, var isn't to noticeable. Gaining some strength even on cutting cycle so thats prob what it's done for. Me.

    Also introduced test p last Sunday at 100mg eod. So will have run about 2 weeks of var and test p. Var will be done this week. Total of 7 weeks of var when I'm done.

    My question is basically can I continue to run test p, AND inject test e at the same time, starting this sat, which will be 6 days after I started test p. Essentially my plan is to jumpstart my test with test p for about 20 days which That bottle will run out.and when the test e kicks in, then my test will already be somewhat high.

    Also I have arimedex, clomid, novladex, HCG for pct. Should I just run them after the cycle. I'm alsostarting to think I didn't need the arimedex as it seems very hard to monitor and not nesssary.

    Im an mma fighter usually do two days of training( extreme cardio) and 3 days of lifting a week

    Eating super fucking clean, caloric deficit everyday. My job is construction so. Pretty physically. Active. All day. Also taking milk thistle and fish oils,.mutilvitamins, probably the only shit thing u do currently is drunk energy drinks. Low cal but outside that I've been dieting like. Crazy. Looking to run the test e for 2 and half months, so total of. 3 months of test total run during this cycle.

    Any input will help!

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    Finish your cycle, wait 3 days and run your PCT. I would recommend a Test Prop @ 500mg/wk for 8 weeks on your next cycle. You also need the Adex, HCG and Nolva/Clomid for PCT.

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