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    2 Years post cycle- needing some advice from experienced users

    Let me start by acknowledging how stupid my eyperiences with steroids were. I understand if people will want to rip into me about that, but please follow it up with some advice.
    I did my first cycle when I was 21, almost 22. It was 400mg Test E for 8 weeks, followed by Clomid for PCT (I canít remember the dosages, but I followed recommendations). My Second cycle was 500mg, planning for 12 weeks but stopped after 6 due to waking up to myself and what an idiot I was being, then went straight on Nolva (20/20/40/40) if I remember correctly.
    2 years on from that, and Iím really hating my younger self. Physically, I havenít suffered too much apart from a bit of extra fat around my lower chest and hips, even when Iíve leaned out. But its the mental and sexual side of things that have me concerned. Mentally, I feel dull s lot of the time, not exactly depressed, but just not motivated or exited and I really struggle to get stoked, despite so many great things happening to me. But what has really led me to post on this forum is what is happening sexually. My penis and testis have shrank noticeably, my sex drive has demolished, my erections are weaker, my orgasms and loads are nowhere near as enjoyable and big as they used to be and I will very rarely wake up with morning wood.
    I went to the doctors because I wanted a hormone test, but the doc only tested me for some vitamins, organ function and only testosterone , then was very quick to try to force viagra and antidepressants onto me, which I refused. My test came back normal (20.9) but this doesnít really mean much without a complete hormone test. I am now in a very remote location and donít have any access to a doctor, so I would really, really appreciate any advice you guys may have to get me back to normal.

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    20.9 on a range of.......?

    I'm sorry to hear of your problems. Why not check out or similar sites and see if your state allows you to pull your own blood work. It's much cheaper than you think. You pay for it on the site and then take your order to a normal Labcorp for service. If you are able to do this reach back out and we can guide you on what blood work to pull.

    Welcome to the forum.
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