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Thread: My first cycle

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    My first cycle

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    I know all of you are strongly going to disagree with me, but I already made my choice and started.
    I’m 18 and a half years old, with 4-5 years of training experience,16-18% BF, I’m 5’7, around 165 pounds at the start of my cycle, now I’m 1 week in and I gained 8 pounds, my cycle is going to be 4 weeks long, and it consists of Anadrol 50mg daily and test prop 100mg twice a week for the first two weeks, and three times a week for the last two weeks, I’m also taking liv52 daily, and eating around 3000-3500 calories a day.
    My questions are:
    1- Is it too short, should I run it a little longer?
    2-Since I get the most gains from my first cycle, should I add anything else to get the most out of it, such as Equipoise maybe?
    3-How can I maintain my gains after this cycle?
    4- I plan to run an anavar cycle after this, should I PCT after each cycle or run them back to back and pct altogether at the end, or will the calorie deficit from the anavar cycle make it hard to maintain the gains?
    5-Should I split my anadrol tablet into two and dose once in the AM and once in the PM since it has a relatively short half-life?
    6-Can I expect myself to be normal, in terms of natural test production and everything after my cycle? Since I didn’t do any blood work, it’s highly expensive in my country, and I couldn’t afford it.
    I attached the most recent photo
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    Before you cycle read these posts. If you decide to go for it, at least you've been informed.***.html

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    Hello, I would seriously reconsider your approach to cycling. First thing you have no idea how to implement a cycle so why would you start something then ask questions, its kind of the wrong way round, also at your age you actually don't need them and can have the opposite reaction your looking for in the long run. Shutting down your natural T levels and then trying to regain full function will results in more or less everything you have gained during the cycle. The guys on this forum have a huge selection of knowledge on AAS so I would use it and listen to it and not just do something because you decided, if your mature enough you should be ale to understand the risks involved are just not worth a life times worth of misery. Please read the links above and I hope you will direct your attention to use your T levels and understand what diet and training can do at your age.

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    Stop the cycle, start your pct and go tell your doctor you have been a bad boy and need some tests

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    Agree with the above and it seems you haven't done enough research by looking at your dosing schedule alone. Also if you can't afford blood tests you can't afford using steroids . Read the threads scotchguard posted, consider what you are risking for a couple pounds of muscle (which you can gain naturally at your stage). Do you want to spend your 20s with low testosterone : bad mood, erectile dysfunction et.c.? Do you know how this will affect your development throughout life?

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    In addition to the above posts regarding the dangers of running a cycle at such a young age, compare what you have planned to what is laid out in the thread below so you know what you are doing incorrectly:
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