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Thread: Should I us an AI?

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    Should I us an AI?

    Hey guys,

    Iím 26, on my first cycle of test E.

    Iím only taking 1cc 250mg a week. Im not looking to go all out , just want to be above average. Should I be using an AI at that low of dose?

    Havenít notice any side effects at all.
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    Well, 250 mgs is not much of a cycle to be honest. Many guys on TRT use 200 mgs per week to give you some perspective. 250 mgs will still shut you down just the same as the recommended 500 mgs for a first cycle. That said, if you're going to shut down your HPTA you may as well use an appropriate amount to achieve gains. Take a minute and read the "Successful First Cycle" thread at the top of this forum. It will enlighten you as to how things should be done. Follow it as best you can.

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    When I run a "small" cycle with 300mg/wk of Test, I run .25mg Adex every 3 to every 4 days. Haven't had a problem with gyno with that regiment. I did run 300mg/wk of Test and did get gyno once. I thought the dose was low enough to avoid gyno but I was wrong. That's just me. Some guys who are genetic freaks may not need an AI but the rest of us mortals do.

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    Bloodwork is the only way to know for sure. However as stated 250mg a week is barely higher than natural average male levels, especially with all the junk ugl oils floating around.
    To answer your question, yes you will probably need an ai but a very very low dose of it

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    I know guys who use doctor prescribed TRT at much lower dosages and still need an AI.
    I would use some ARIMIDEX at a low dose like 0.25mg E2D or E3D.

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