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Thread: Need some expertise.

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    Need some expertise.

    Hello! So basically I am interested in trying steroids , and I have been interested for a long time... I’m 25 and a skinny guy, 1,80 tall, 65 kilo weight. I have been training for a long time, and I feel stuck in progress. I have almost no fat. I would like to know if taking one steroids treatment would have any permanent effect? Or I would just lose everything I gained fast afterwards, I don’t see myself taking steroids for the rest of my life, so yea, anyone knows?

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    What does your nutrition plan look like? If your nutrition isn’t dialed in any gains you might make would only be temporary

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    Like bio said sounds like a diet problem

    Very few people just do on steroid cycle, most are in and out of it for life.

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    I'm no expert but you sound JUST like me a few years ago so I'll chime in.

    As someone who comes from TWO families of ectomorphs, I know how hard it is to gain weight in your situation. Thing is (and I know from experience), you probably aren't eating as much as you think. And even if you are, the only way to gain weight is to eat more calories than you're burning. A good diet REALLY can do more for you than you probably realize. You don't have to eat like a nutritionist necessarily. But you need enough protein, enough carbs, and enough calories in order to gain weight. If eating is too hard, try throwing in digestive enzymes and probiotics. I just started this recently and it's made a WORLD of difference. I'm not going to suddenly go from 3500 calories (my current maintenance) to 5000 calories from that, but overtime, I could probably get there. You shouldn't make large jumps in calories anyway, since that will result in excess fat.

    As far as cycling goes, I think 99% of us originally said we were going to do 1 or 2 cycles then quit. I haven't started my first cycle yet, but I know that this lifestyle is...well...for life. Eventually I will be on TRT, but I prefer to cycle for now. As far as keeping it, I asked about this myself recently in multiple forums, and everyone seems to agree across the board: Anything you gain that is past your genetic potential, you'll eventually lose if you don't cycle again. If you do a proper PCT, and maintain a good diet and good training, you won't lose all of it before it's time for your next cycle. "Two steps forward, one step back". Some people will lose gains faster than others, even if they have the same diet and training, because genetics are a factor. But if you're doing everything properly, you should keep a good amount of gains from one cycle to the next. Even more so if you're on TRT.

    If you're going to do this, don't go in with the intention of stopping one day, unless that one day is when you're like 60-70 and don't think you'll care anymore by then haha. But don't think you'll do one or two cycles and be good. Sadly, it doesn't work that way.

    Give it until you're 26 to start cycling. Spend your time between now and then researching AAS, diet, and training. These guys give some of the best advice I've ever gotten and in only a few months, have helped my natty gains quite a bit. And the only thing I've changed so far is my diet! These guys know what they're talking about.
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