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    Question Starting on my first test cycle in 2 weeks. Q about weakpoints and diet.

    Hello everyone.

    In 2 weeks i start on my first cycle, test-e 250mg/week.
    I've been using MK677 for the past month and gonna use it during cycle and PTC aswell, probably some 6-12months total, it's not that dangerous a growth hormone anyhow.

    The reason i wanna do this test-cycle is cause my weakpoint is legs, after a dislocated hip, and they never really caught up to the rest of the body.

    1.) During my cycle i'm thinking about doing 3 leg days a week, and 1 chest/back/shoulder.
    Would that be optimal and possibly helping my legs to catch up? Or would that be borderline overtraining on my legs?

    2.) And what is the optimal carb/protein/fat intake a day, for a testcycle.

    Thanks in advance.
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    could you give us your stats please it will help us point you in the right direction

    250mgs of test per week - pls try reading this thread it will help you guide you through and executing a first cycle

    Yes, 3 x weekly for legs is way to much, try training them properly and intensely "once" and you wont need to train them again. Can you post your leg routine?

    I prefer to do a 40/40/20 but again this depends on your goals and diet in general, what is your diet like?

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    i think best first cycle is:

    test e 500 week for 12weeks
    arimidex 0,25 EOD for 14weeks
    hcg 250iu twice a week from week8-13
    PCT clomid 50/40/40/30 nolva 50/40/40/30

    thats all ofc the arimidex and pct is depend on sides on hm u have to take it.

    make sure u gonna do it right & stay safe

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    A pretty normal TRT dose is about 150mg/wk of Test. For a Test cycle it's 500mg/wk. The 500mg/wk dose is not set in stone but at that dose, it's a good balance of gains and sides. If you're going to shut down your natty Test production, why not run a 500mg/wk cycle?

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    I also suggest a 500mg/week starting dosage.

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