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    first shot done (yay).. but now hurts like a b!tch!

    hey kids

    yesterday i did my first shot in my upper right glute, problem free. i was surprised at how smooth it was actually. the hardest part was scoring that damn little vial and loading the syringe.

    today it hurts like a bitch tho!!! would the fact that it was an omna shot have anything to do with it? i didn't find much in the search

    i wanted to do 12 weeks of 500mg/wk test enan. but i somehow got enough for 10 weeks, and 2 weeks of omna. so i decided to start with the omna, one cc every 3 days before i begin the enan.

    i hope the enan shots don't hurt this much the day(s) after, but DAMN it's good to finally have gotten started!

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    welcome to the darkside !

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    Take some ibuprofin. It will decrease inflamation and help with the pain.

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