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    Heavy Drinking :(

    Ok guys ive got a question for you all.

    I just finished my second cycle of 200 mg/week Deca and 6 dBol tabs/week a few weeks a ago and i got good gains and im looking Ok.

    So here is the problem:

    Im going to Spain in a couple of weeks time and I will be staying there for 14 nights, I reckon ill be drinking on 10 of these nights. The heat there is very high so ill be losing water like a motherf... There is a gym that i can go to there.....but honestly i dont think I will go there alot

    Is there anything I can do to prevent me from coming home as a complete wimp(besides not drinking)..... anything at all.

    Do you recommend any useage of anabolic substances while im in spain or just.....something please help me with some tips.

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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    If you decide to drink in excess then there's nothing you really can do. I know that i lost 15lbs when I went to italy/spain in 2 weeks.

    When you are there you most likely will not be maintaining your calorie intake as well being dehydrated and things.

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    keep yourself hydrated (a gallon before and 2 gallons after drinking), have bw*20 calories and bw*2 grams of protein every day. if you are not too naseous or hung over try to hit the gym. it only takes an hour and will save you all the muscle you worked so hard for. also i don't know what "few weeks time" means but if it's before you're fully recovered, you're going to lose a good part of your gains.


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