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    15 week cycle safe??

    i am running 500mg a week and have had great results but i still havent reached my goals. i saw somewhere someone said "if u can recover from a 12 week cycle u can recover from a 15" part of me believed it cuz its what i want to hear but i want everyones opinion. If a 15 week cycle is just as dangerous as a 12 week cycle is it worth it?? because i know at some point homeostasis comes in to play and i dont have much knowledge on that subject.

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    There's no magical cut off point where your body says Week 16 = recovery, Week 17 = TRT for life. Longer your on the greater chance of not recovering. Having said that, I think you are fine going from 12 to 15 weeks on a Test cycle - different story if you are comparing 12 weeks to 24 weeks with a heavy compound such as Nandrolone though.
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    My experience says that longer doesn't usually mean better results.
    Make sure PCT is in check, check blood and let your body rest - then jump on a new cycle 8-12 weeks with another compund together with test.
    I think that would yield A LOT better results for you with training and diet in check.
    Not sure about your history, body and knowledge, but another 500 cycle is on the low and sweet stage, I would add something new with the test
    depending on your goals instead and keep the cycle in "normal" range.
    Or you can just go e.g. Test-p for 8 weeks, I personally love test-p!

    Just make sure you read science, not just bro science
    I did it wrong and was close to end up on TRT at a young age, thankfully, the guys here gave me Dr. Scully's recovery pct and I managed to get back decently.
    Not all are that lucky that it works...

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    I would not recommend to try this, because everyone has his own genetic potential, everyone is individual so you don't have a guarantee that those few weeks added will change enything. Maybe just try a stronger compound for less weeks with a good pct as a next cycle. But well it's your own risk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnhenson View Post
    i am running 500mg a week and have had great results but i still havent reached my goals. .
    IF you thought you were going to reach your goals in 12 short weeks with 500mg of test per week , then your goal wasn't big enough to begin with

    my point is, you shouldn't expect to reach your goals with one little cycle (steroids aren't that magical). its a marathon. its going to take years of hard work and on point diet, nutrition, training, and plenty of cycles

    a couple more weeks of test one way or the other will not make you nor will it break you. so stay on to 15 weeks or get off now, doesn't really matter in the big picture

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    Re-focus on nutrition and training.
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    The Gym or Eating
    Are you running HCG with your cycle?

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