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Thread: Test and eq instead of just test?

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    Test and eq instead of just test?

    Iíve done some orals a couple times before but now going to do it properly.
    Was going to this this earlier in the year but postponed it till now.
    I read a lot especially all the first time threads.i also know a few competitors and knowledgable people shall we say.

    Online the way to go on the first cycle is obviously 500 test pinned twice a week.

    Iíve been advised instead to do 250 test and 250 boldernone per week. Iíve found some good threads of people doing this but at higher dosages.


    Also going to get


    Also Are there some good multivitamins or anything else healthy to add while on cycle?

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    Imo: doing 250 test/250 bold is basically the same thing as doing 500 test... Except you'll convert less estrogen with the bold.

    With that said, I would still do the 500 test cuz you have no idea how you convert/aromatize/create E2

    You need to know how estrogen sensitive you are. It's a basic, necessary piece of data at the beginning of a long journey

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    As a first cycle only 500mg / week Test is always recommended.
    Adding Eq can be useful at higher dosages, for example, instead of taking 1000 mg / week of tests only, it may be better to take 500 test and 500 Eq, to ​​reduce the androgenic /estrogenic side effects you can have at high dosage of test only. In this case Eq can mitigate these sides, maintaining an equivalent anabolic effect.
    But if it's your first cycle, just keep Test 500 mg / week, and you are ok.
    Get a good multivitamin, I personally take vitamin C and glucosamine for joints, in addition N Acetyl Cysteine ​​as an antioxidant and creatine ever for energy.

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    The 500mg of test alone is a solid recommendation. Specially towards the end of your cycle you'll get a gauge for when you stop seeing gains. For me it was 16 weeks and it was obvious it was time to stop.

    16 weeks is what you'll want with EQ since its so slow acting you won't see results until the first 8 weeks. Of that, you do need to take more EQ to get the benefits, I don't know the actual ratio but for example 400mg of EQ is equivalent to X amount of test.

    At a 250/250 split the dose of EQ is so low that I'd recon you'd be better off with just test.

    You got to see your side effects and do some blood work see where your at. Either ask a doctor once or twice that your curious, or look for an independent facility.

    You could add some Dbol if your responsible but without knowing your disposition just 500mg is PLENTY. I went over 500mg closer to a gram sometimes and suffered the consequences.

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    I think EQ/TEST is an excellent combination. The only way to know for sure how it works for you is to experiment and try it.
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    as said above by other members you should only do test to see how much ai you need with 500 mg test so you have a baseline to control e2.why waste money on adding another compound when you can get pretty good results from test as this is your first cycle.

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