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    My suggested First Course

    I have got some naposim and some winstrol tablets. (bought injections but couldnt face them, may be next time)

    I am proposing to take

    Wk 1 - 20 mg Napasim every day
    Wk 2 - 30 mg Napasim every day
    wk 3 - 40 mg Napasim every day
    wk 4 - 50 mg Napasim every day
    wk 5 - 50 mg Napasim every day
    wk 6 - 40 mg Napasim every day
    wk 7 - 30 mg Napasim every day
    wk 8 - 20 mg Napasim every day

    Was going to start taking the winstrol at the start of week 5, probably 8mg a day for the duration of the course. (Or should i take winstrol all the way through).
    I know your gunna say use needeles but i just carnt !?! (WIMP, I know)

    Your views please.

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    Wow dude. I'm surprised that I'm giving the first response on this one but here goes. I think that is way to long to run the d-bol. second, you should have some form of test in there. If you search other members questions about first cycles then you will find that EVERYONE will say to use test as the base for any cycle. If you absolutely refuse to use a needle then you should be prepared for the damage your liver will suffer. Just search through other members cycle questions and replan your cycle. One last thing, it's not always good to go the cheapest route in this game. Take your time, get EVERYTHING you need before you start and you will have a much more rewarding cycle.


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    You need to inject if you want to play in this game. The thought of it is much worse than the actual act.
    As far as your cycle, you are wasting your time.
    Do it right or don't do it at all.


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    8mg winnie? sorry thats not enough to make any difference, no need to taper juice as it goes, youll be shutdown already, unless you are taking your dbol in the am which i am sure you are not! also what tehy say about orals, if you are not willing to try it then really no offense but its just not worth it, a little prick from a needle is a lot less pain than a liver transplant!


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    d-bol for 8 weeks is not good for the liver, u wil lalso have a tuff time maintaing gains from it !

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    Better find an organ donor stat! way too long for orals.

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