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    Free E-books on steriods

    Sorry guys - I deleted the orginal thread as I understand the owner of the e-books 'Chick' did not want to make them available to the public.

    I guess the guy who posted the link over on Anabolic Edge wasn't to know that and since his post was entitled '100% free' I naturally assumed they were free.

    Chick - my sincere apologies. It was clear from what you said that you didn't want this stuff made available so I have removed the link. I suggest you talk to the admins over on Anabolic Edge and have the posting removed there also. BTW I did point out in my original thread and in the thread over on Anabolic Edge that perhaps you didn't want this stuff made available.
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    I new that it was probably too good to be true. Nut what 'I don't understand is that some of the books 'Chick" shared herself on this thread:

    But they were eventually removed as well. As I remember there where links to 3 different books and she provided the links. Some one must have bought those books as well, so one could argue that you got a taste of your own medicine!?!?

    If I've misunderstood anything you have my depest apologies 'Chick', but if i haven't I don't feel sorry for you one bit!!

    Just my 2 cc's about this matter.

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