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Thread: Newbie question

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    Newbie question

    what do you guys think about natty 26years old like 85kg using ostarine & cardarine only, does it worth it any effect on cut?

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    SARMs are shown to suppress your HPTA or even shut it down. See this study:
    If you risk your HPTA along this way, why would you even bother to do a SARM only cycle? (I know cardarine is not a SARM.)
    When your testosterone production is halted (that happens when your HPTA is shutdown), SARMs will not do exactly what testosterone is responsible for in the body. So, get ready for the consequences such as erectile dysfunction and atrophied testicles.
    Halted testosterone production also causes you to have lower levels of estrogen, which is an anabolic hormone itself via glucose metabolism and IGF-1 promotion in the liver.

    SARMs are new prohormones in my opinion and they are not studied well enough as regular anabolics are. Yes, cardarine is being studied as a PPAR agonist, and it is shown to be effective though there are rumors like it caused cancer cells to grow faster in rats but couldn't find the study. However, my point is that we have tons of anabolic compounds here and their effects and side effects are well known and studied. I would stick with anabolic steroids instead of going into SARMS, or at least I would run TRT dose test along with the SARMs I am using. If you are doing SARMs long enough, go get a bloodwork and see your LH and FSH levels. It will show if you are suppressed or not.
    A SARM only cycle would be efficient in a cut phase, but in the long run its not worth the effort.
    My 0.02$.

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