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    Approaching Nirvana.

    Currently beginning of week 3 on 500mg ICN cycle.

    I've noticed slight strength gains up to this point. I.E. 5-10lb increase on most lifts. I frontloaded the test @ 1gram on week 1 too btw. I would have expected it to be kicking in pretty hard by the end of week 2 with this frontload but it really hasnt. I feel it but nothing crazy.

    Diet is very good- 300gms of protein ED, lowish calories as this is more of a lean mass cycle.

    I've done test before of course, but never frontloaded...

    For those that frontload- when do you feel it kick in hard?

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    kind of off topic, buy since the enanthate ester is still in it, I don't think frontloading would be as beneficial than kickstarting with Prop because you still have to wait for the ester to release the drug into your system. I think Prop will get the levels up there faster.

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