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    Question Up dosage on bulk cycle.

    Im currently on my 5th cycle.
    Been running it 4weeks in 2days.
    Planning on upping the dosage of the test and deca , 500/500 was just to have some place to start.

    Im on:
    Test E - 500mg /w
    Deca 500mg/w
    Dbol 40mg (started at 30, now at 40, going up to 50 soon.) (will run it 6 weeks)
    HGH 5IU/day.

    I use 0.125mg aromasin daily and 10mg nolvadex .
    No signs of gyno, bloating or itchy nipples(i had gyno in the past)

    Im 29y, my stats when i started: 105kg - 18% BF.
    My stats now are: 116kg and bf is unkown, probably higher and full of water.

    Im plan running it like this from here:
    From week 5:
    Test 1000mg/w
    Deca 750mg/w
    Dbol 50mg/d

    HGH 5iu/d

    (Caber is finally on hand, after struggeling to get my hands on it here in Thailand, and will be used as needed.)

    I will try to stay on this dose for the rest of the cycle with test and deca, dbol i drop after week 6, then i will also drop the nolvadex, and stay on 0.125mg of aromasin for rest of cycle.

    I plan on running deca til week 16, Test til week 18, and from week 16 i will throw in 50mg injectable winstrol daily until week 20.
    Then i start my PCT.

    Im considering throwing in some masteron at 5-600mg/w, from now to i start the winstrol. any toughts?

    Any suggestions and comments will be appreciated.

    And i just have to say it, i just love the feeling i get from the dbol, what a amazing thing.
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