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Thread: Mid-cycle flu and meds

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    Mid-cycle flu and meds

    I thought I was gonna get away without getting sick from everyone around me but I was wrong. What's the deal with taking OTC meds during cycle. I remember reading somewhere to try and stay away from NSAIDS?

    Can anyone shine a little light? And maybe some recovery tips... I've missed 2 workouts with today's and that's no bueno... thanks!

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    NSAIDs, perhaps the reason to stay away is that they put additional work on the kidneys. I don't think there are any interactions between NSAIDs and gear.
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    My friend just came down with fever (103) last Friday. He went to the doctor and was prescribed and started taking Tamiflu (you can read about it on Canadian Pharmacy website). His fever was better the next few days, and by Wednesday gone and he was back to work on Monday.

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