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    Nutrition recommendation for 2nd cycle

    Hey all ,
    (I ll cut to the point ) My first cycle which was just test was a success with many benefits and no sides .
    Heading to second cycle for summer , I keep it simple and I ll add some quality var with Test sust (wasn’t my first option for test but test = test).
    Dosages will be 40mg var/day and 250mg/week test to avoid water retention ( I wanted to go higher dose but haven’t seen if I ll have water retention with a sust ).

    So , I am 192cm and 93kg around 12% Bf and I wanna cut to 8-9 % bf.

    1.Is it worth sacrificing an 8 week summer cycle for shredded gains or shall I remain in a caloric surplus ?( by saying sacrifice I mean to just be in a cycle on a caloric deficit ) caloric deficit preferred on a summer cutting cycle using roids ? If so shall I go aggressive for a month and then back to where I was or shall I keep the deficit for the whole cycle duration .
    I have no experience on what the end of the cycle look gonna be using these substances , anyone can enlighten me?

    What else can I stack other than Stanozolol ?
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