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    Novelty anabolic / PED benefit - skin restoration

    This is a topic that is getting more popular as the rates of circumcision get lower year after year, people spend alot of time and money on all kinds of things to try to restore their foreskin and it's kind of interesting to me that there's very little if any use of anabolic drugs for this purpose considering how they would accelerate the process of skin/nerve creation so massively.

    It's well known that anavar and GH are used to treat large scale burns and typically make huge differences so it should not be a surprise that the same groups of drugs make enormous differences in skin/nerve regeneration, even clenbuterol is shown to significantly increase the rate of wound healing. Insulin /igf are probably the 2 that would make the largest difference overall.

    Personally a few years ago I restored mine and what I can say is there are very interesting neurological differences between being on anabolics (at the time test ghrp and insulin iirc) and not, the actual act of stretching skin is far less painful on the drugs similar to how training very hard would usually be less painful on the drugs obviously because the body is more willing to create new skin in the state where anabolic signals are very high.. exact same way they work for muscle. Essentially, naturally it is impossible to both gain muscle (which.. we kind of know) and grow new skin cells at the rate obtainable on the drugs no matter what witchcraft is performed.

    Pushing the boundaries much as possible I'd imagine would include insulin, IGF, mtren, superdrol clen which... would be very dangerous and unnecessary to say the least. Maybe useful if someone's entire body is burned.
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