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Thread: Summer cycle

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    Summer cycle

    Have not done a cycle in awhile;

    Was thinking for a summer cycle to shed some fat and get some lean gains;

    Week 1-4 Anavar 60mgs a day
    Week 1-12 test 400 mg a week
    Week 1-12 tren ethanate 400 mg a week
    Week 1-12 Deca 400 mg a week

    Ai ; Exemestane 25mg a day
    Hcg 500 iu twice a week

    Currently on trt dose of test 100 mg week

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    I'm not smart enough to give cycle advice, and everyone has opinions.... assuming you know what you're getting into, and you've run those things before (especially the tren - - BTW, I like Tren E, most run Ace.), and you have the history/training to back up that cycle... I would run that cycle.

    If you want to be nit picky, here's couple options, but they're no better than what you already have, just different.... I might think about stretching the Anavar to 6 weeks, assuming you don't have any liver issues, but if you did, you wouldn't run an oral anyway. And FOR ME, I like longer cycles, and I like to offset the start dates, so I might run the Test/Anavar for 4 weeks, running the Anavar for 6 weeks (with a liver supplement like NAC), then bring in the Tren/deca at week 4, for a total 16 week run. Like I said, that's just nit picking and its not any better than your idea, just fit for me.

    Enjoy the ride,

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    That’s a lot of aromasin are you highly sensitive to estrogen?

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