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    Clen use while not in calorie deficit

    Obviously the point of clen is to diet down and lose weight (hopefully mostly fat). My question is what about the use of clen while consuming calories at a maintenance level? Could there be any possible benefits from such like losing just fat while slightly gaining muscle (think recomposition)?

    Before slamming this question with clen is only for cutting end of story. What about preworkout concoctions and eca they too have a time and place and are very often used outside of cut phases.

    Many thanks

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    I would use T3 for slow bulking or recomp goals before Clen . I personally find the effects are mediocre compared to other options dollar for dollar. Side effects are more harsh to me relative to other options.
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    My favorite part about clen (mixed with other anabolics) is that I can go into extreme caloric deficits and still hold on to muscle because of all the anti-catabolic drugs in my system. I wouldn't use clen if I wasn't dieting.

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    It's a nonsense using it while you're not in deficit. Clen increasing beta2-agonist receptors activity, making them more sensitive to catecholamines release and the latter are the major lipolysis factors. When you release more catecholamines ? When you're in calories deficit. So, if you're not in deficit it's a waste of time and health. T3 is better in both conditions ( Bulking and Cutting ) as Windex told above.

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    Seems pointless also personally I won’t touch clen again. I can run Tren with methyl Tren and feel a million times better than low dose clen. Not suggesting you run Tren with methyl Tren I’m just pointing out the harshness of clen and brutal side effects.

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