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Thread: First Tren A and Test P cycle

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    First Tren A and Test P cycle

    Hi lifters!

    This is my third cycle ever and my first using the one called the king of steroids .

    I’m at the end of third week of the cycle, shooting 50mg Tren A and 25mg Test P every day (injections are not a big deal for me and I prefer to be less prone to side effects). Also I’m taking 0.25mg caber twice a week.

    This is a cutting cycle and I’m being able to lose around 1kg per week with my current calorie deficit. I will diet even harder during next weeks. Went slowly from 4500kcal to 2750 since I have a really fast metabolism and I was previously bulking.

    • Age: 32
    • Starting weight: 88.5kg (195lbs)
    • Height: 1.76m (5'9)

    Side effects felt:
    • Almost 2kg weight gain during first week, even reducing calories to below maintenance
    • A small amount of acne at the begin of the cycle which subsided after a week or so
    • Insomnia (I get it sometimes but affected me more during the second week), I seem to have my senses overactive during the night which makes it harder to sleep while hearing small noises, etc. Also I start thinking of stupid shit that normally I don’t think of.
    • Night sweats (very mild, it doesn’t even bother me)
    • Freaking increased libido (omg I’m 18 again!!). It seems to be a lot stronger than while on a Test cycle only or other compounds.
    • I feel more aggressiveness in the weight room and I’m getting a bit stronger, similarly to where I was during my previous cycle (which consisted on Test P and Anavar).
    • I’m running Tren A during 6 more weeks and the last week will be of Test P only. As far as I’m already able to see results, I had a harder and drier look on my previous cycle. I hope this changes in the weeks to come or I’ll be a bit disappointed on what Tren does to me, compared to what I saw from higher Test + Anavar cycle.

    I’ll keep this thread updated. Thanks for reading the post til the end.

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    I doubt you need caber at that Tren dose.

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    Would not use caber until you see concrete side effects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Windex View Post
    Would not use caber until you see concrete side effects.
    I’m fully aware from previous experience with Nandrolone that I’m prone to sides from high prolactin levels - gyno and difficulty to orgasm (could confirm high prolactin from bloodwork).

    By the way, I’m starting to love the results! Would I benefit from a higher Tren A dose?
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    Always have nolva , AI and caber on the side ...

    People always assume they need to take it to prevent sides.

    All these orals are horrible for you.
    Worse then the gear by far.

    Take when ONLY needed.

    And I wouldn't have started with that much tren to start.

    Should have worked the dosage over time.

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    My blood pressure is a bit on the high side (135/64).
    I’ve been trying to avoid most saturate fats from my diet and keeping sodium intake low, but I know I can go even lower.
    I eat 2 or 3 whole eggs a day.

    Heart rate is ok. It a was higher at the very begin of the cycle but it’s now many times around 55bpm.
    Any advice to help lower the systolic BP?

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