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Thread: Clen and fertility

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    Clen and fertility

    I had posted this in another section but probably more appropriate here.

    I've gotten too fat i figured i should start a clen with a good diet to lose this fat. However, as I've been posting like 100 other times, i do not want to take anything that could affect my sperm count negatively as I am currently on fertility protocol clomid,hmg,hcg . I know Clen isn't a hormone, but i do know that it works by revving up your metabolism by a degree or so.

    Has anyone seen or read any literature if clen has any affects on fertility.

    thanks guys

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    How is the fertility treatment going? I read the thread you had going in the trt section. You are living my worst fear man and I’m really hoping things work out for you. I’ve been cycling and on trt for a few years now and this is what scares me the most.

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    its working. I was on TRT for 3 years straight, plus adding gear on top of it.

    I had ZERO now I have 3 million. I have another analysis soon where i hope to be in the 20 mil range. We'll see. I have a few months to go I think.

    I started treatment in Sept when I got off TRT cold turkey. It's been tough since there but finally bloodwork showing rise in Test levels and everything seems normal. My FSH is through the roof so its working.

    You'll be fine but you'll be guessing until you get a semen analysis.
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