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Thread: Steroids and endurance

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    Steroids and endurance

    Steroids in general are not considered conducive to endurance. But a lot of steroids increase blood viscosity.
    But apparently increased blood viscosity (hematocrit) helps endurance because increasing RBC helps carry more oxygen. Which is why EPO is used by endurance athletes.
    So where's the disconnect?

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    your full of great questions lately Beer.

    increasing RBC and Hematocrit is great for endurance athletes. This is why you'll see endurance athletes train at high elevation (increases RBC), this is why you'll see athletes sleep 8 hours at night in a hyperbaric chamber (increases RBC), why you'll see some athletes train in full body compression outfits (increases RBC).. and as for drugs like EPO, only reason to take it is increases RBC.

    now with steroids can also as we all know increases RBC.

    now why is it that some bodybuilders end up getting lethargic and tired and cardio goes to shit when we run AAS and we get increases in RBC?
    because we generally run way different dosages and types of AAS protocols then athletes use. when our RBC is going up, our body weight has likely went up 20 pounds on cycle as well , and we do things that are 'retentive' in nature. meaning we are trying to hold a ton of 'volume' , more fluid, more total amount of blood (get full and vascular), more nutrient retention in the muscle cells, etc etc..
    its this extra 'volume' that we put on to make us look big and full that causes the lethargy and the tired feeling . NOT the increase of RBC.

    now if we were an endurance athlete and ran an AAS cycle like they would run . say 200mg EQ per week, 20mg Tbol per day. and did 5 hours of cardio like they do and train all the time, we would not be putting on any weight and all this extra 'volume' of fluid and nutrient retention and our cardio capacity would actually go up as our RBC goes up.
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    I’m on 500 mg of test and 750 of EQ and the only positive effect from this cycle so far is increased cardiovascular endurance and a little more strength. I’ve been moving into my new place and climbing up and down the stairs with heavy boxes with no problem. As for lifting, I don’t find much of an increase in endurance, however.

    When I was on 800 mg of just test, I feel my cardio was worse.

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