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Thread: Test C and Mast E blend ?

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    Test C and Mast E blend ?

    So Iíve seen this blend of cyp 200 and mast e 200. WS curious what the benefits of running this at a higher trt dose. 150-200 mg as opposed to just cypionate . Forgive me if this question is amateur night . I donít know much about mast e. Thanks in advance.

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    this blend is a high dose TRT with an "androgenic " bang, sort of speak .. the addition of Masteron is going to provide a lot more androgen load to a TRT dose of test , with no additional estrogen load (in fact it will have anti estrogen effects) .. and if your someone who is sensitive to estrogen even at such low test doses of 200mg per week, the Masteron will off set that.

    no need for an AI with that combo imo . and never a chance have to worry about gyno , the MAST-eron will take care of you (MAST means breast ,, it was created to blunt estrogen at breast tissue via androgenic mechanisms)
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