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Thread: Nips hard, d1cks not!

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    Nips hard, d1cks not!

    10% bf

    Ok trt for 7 ish years:

    80mg test c shot 40mg subq 2x/week
    .25mg arimadex once/week
    250 iu hcg 2x/week

    Currently in week 4 of blast:

    500mg test shot im 250mg 2x/week
    400mg deca shot im 200mg 2x/week
    400mg mast prop shot 133mg 3x/week
    50mg proviron daily
    .25 mg arimadex 2x week
    4.05 iu hgh pharm geno 5 on 2 off
    100mcg t4 daily

    The last week nips are sensitive and slightly hard. Libido is not there at least not where it was the last time I ran this. I can get off if I want to but I just donít want to. Iím not feeling on top of the world as i usually do.

    The gear is from a reputable source. Whatís effing me up here? I figured it wouldnít be prolactin with the mast and proviron but due to the timing of deca kicking in week 5 maybe? Or the test kicking in maybe? The first 4 weeks i took my normal arimadex dose of .25 per week and I am gyno prone so maybe it caught up to me.

    What should I be checking here? I figured I would be talking to everything with at least 1 boob at this point but Iím like meh. I injured my shoulder as well so havenít been at the gym the last week but that canít be keeping me from being in bonerworld right?


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    The proper thing to do is to get blood work
    I would just throw everything at it (tamoxifen , up the AI, and caber) until it goes away, than deal with the issues of crashing those hormones and wish I got blood work in the first place

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    If I had to bet I would say its the DECA . Some men complain of gyno and sexual sides with Nandrolones.
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    Deca ALWAYS messes up Mr. Wrinkles for me, even with Mast. Caber some times kicks things back up but the longer I'm on the worse it gets. It's the price I pay

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    For me, DECA do not affect Libido but its makes gyno a problem.

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