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    Chinese Peptides

    Hi all

    I'm looking for some BPC157 for a bone issue, and maybe I'm being unfair thinking about Chinese GH vs non-chinese, but I would really rather get some european or american (or other) high quality stuff.

    I see places that say they are US made, and perhaps I am too cynical, but what keeps any seller from buying Chinese stuff and putting their own label on it and saying it's made in the US?

    Are there sources that exist that really and truly do use very well made stuff, and who also watch the handling (as peptides are so fragile)? I'm worried about how to do this properly - has anyone got any advice?

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    Morning, Angel!!!

    I sent a PM your way. Really good to see you online!
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    Given the low demand, guessing it's not surprising a supplier could look to use a Chinese synthesis in the instance of BPC. Perhaps you're better off pursing a North American made peptide blend. Best of luck

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