Wanting advice and opinions to either switch up sarms or increase dosage if goal is continuing to cut? I am currently cutting still and have been for a bit but still have some to go. I have used ostarine and s4 but not together but both with gw
I have had good results between the 2 nothing I could say better between tho. Currently back on s4 50mg with gw 20mg Iím thinking itís either time to increase the dosage with the s4 and keep the gw the same or switch the s4 with either lgd or rad-140 since thatís what I here by others and either continuing the gw or switch but with what? I know gw isnít a sarm just throwing that in there. I canít really decide between the rad or lgd since I plan on using one of them when itís time to bulk.
And With the s4 I havenít had any eye sight? issues. Also running test prop and tren ace