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    How long to wait to eat before and after GH injection?

    Wanting to know how long to wait to eat before gh injection and how long to wait to inject after eating?
    I personally wait an hour to eat after injection. And an hour after eating to inject. I hear multiple different times to inject before and after eating 40mins , 1 or 2 or 3 hours. Just wanting to know if its really a big deal time wise.

    Iím on gh for deficiency purposes and Iím 22. Iím on 6iu sometimes more and I inject 3 times daily 2-3iu per shot morning/PW/ couple hours before bed. Thanks

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    What deficiency do you have? As in what was medically diagnosed to you from a doctor ? Are we talking dwarfism, muscle wasting disease, HIV, etc ?

    I do 1 hour before and 1 hour after food. Injecting that many times per day should give you concern about insulin sensitivity.

    Do you have a glucometer and do you know your fasting blood sugar ?
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    Deficiency Is from hypochondroplasia form of dwarfism less severe defects from compared to achondroplasia. My body doesn’t really seem to like gh because my levels are higher then not being on it
    But just above low end normal at times it can be even lower then previous labs. My fasted glucose was in the normal range when getting tested. I did run a bit of insulin Towards the middle/end of my bulk because I lost my appetite completely forcing anything down and still barely gaining compared to towards the start or recomp phase of a bulk where I didn’t need it. When I did start running it I was running humlin r otc Walmart I started at like 2iu with 2iu gh per shot and i went hypo real fast at random peaks but I always had some sugar on me like Gatorade or Oj for back up. And I’m typically an easy gainer more endomorph

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