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    Thoughts on micro dosing stack to experiment

    I was thinking of experimenting a blast but with micro dosing not your usual 400mg or 600mg a week of each compound.

    Test E: 150mg
    Tren E: 150mg
    Mast: 150mg

    Throw in dbol or sdrol and all EOD for optimal blood levels.

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    Tren doesnt take much to be effective, so that could work for sure. But the diet matters a lot, not the amount of the gear you’re injecting yourself.
    What you are referring to is actually a cruise for the most rather than a mini-blast.
    Personally, I would prefer using shorter esters if I were microdosing so that I can rotate compounds in a short time period.

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    Do you cruise or pct? If you pct after every cycle i dont think these doses are worth the shut down. The tren is enough but the test and mast should be upped

    Test 250
    Tren 150
    Mast 300-400

    Sdrol is not for the feint of heart! It works and allows for nice clean gains, but it will make you feel like garbage. Dbol is classic and we all love it, but im assuming your trying to stay dry with these low doses. Dbol will make you puffy.

    Mast is great for preventing estro and prolactin sides. With enough mast you mostly likely wont even need a DA or AI.

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