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Thread: Cutting cycle Anavar/Test/Hgh frag/HGH

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    Cutting cycle Anavar/Test/Hgh frag/HGH

    I had a serious car accident around 4 months ago, and have not been able to train. My left hip got smashed but Iam able to walk and train again easy now says the doctor. Also broke half of my ribs, my collar bone, my wrist and so on... Everything else than the hip is pretty good and back to normal again.
    During this 4months i lost alot of size, alot of weight, but also got much fatter around my stomach, just been eating like a total idiot, and laying down most hours of the day.

    Im now looking to do a mild cycle, with lots of cardio and some easy lifitng, my goal is to burn that stomach fat.

    I been on HGH for around 10months now, 4-5iu a day, but last 4 months at 5iu split into 2 shots a day.
    Iam on TRT.

    Im thinking on doing something like a 10 week cycle:

    Week 1-8 Test E 500mg/week
    Week 3-10 Anavar 50mg/day (split into 25 + 25)
    Hgh 5iu a day split into 2 shots.
    Hgh frag 400mcg in morning before fasted cardio, and 400mcg in evening before gym and cardio.

    (I also have, winny, masteron , tren etc on hand but i think it will just be a waste to use it now, when im not able to train at 100%)

    My lifting will be only with very light weights and my main goal is to just get rid of the stomach fat, i will focus most on the cardio 1,5hours a day.
    Iam 29(30 this year) at 98kg now and my height is 193cm. My current bodyfat i dont know, but its to high... Fat around stomach and start to get fat on the hips..

    Any suggestions about the dosage, something I should add, the weeks etc? All answers will be appreciated!
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    You do not need HGH frag and HGH
    The recommended dose for frag is something like 200-600, 800 is overkill
    I would also get back into the gym for a month before starting a cycle.
    And your running var 2 weeks past the test.... I mean I suppose you could do that since it will take 2 weeks to clear, but......
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    Glad to read you are on the mend and motivated to progress. There’s a bunch of great folks here that can likely help point you in a good direction.

    Couple of quick points.

    How long have you been running trt, how many previous cycles/blasts?

    Considering your goals and that you have stated you are focusing on cardio and any lifting will not be heavy I would not raise your test dosage above trt (below 200mg weekly). For someone on trt With goals like yours I think adding mast in would actually be more productive. Mast can help the trt test dosage be more effective and has some other benefits.

    1.5 hours of daily cardio is a lot to start with (especially if you are also weight training same days). When I do cardio it comes after lifting, when I step on cardio machine my post lifting heart rate is actually higher than my cardio target heart rate (lifting with decent intensity is cardio for me). I understand everyone wants to see results yesterday but what happens when your results diminish, raising cardio to 2 hours daily?

    Lastly diet is truly key considering your goals. Bunch of ways to skin the cat here. What are your plans for food intake (quantity, quality, macros, micros, timing, etc)? Eating too little is easily doable and in short order will cause issues. I would post up your diet thoughts here or possibly in the nutrition sub forum.

    There’s a bunch of knowledgeable helpful folks here that can help. Great job on being motivated to change and progress.

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    Thanks for answers.

    This will be my 6th cycle.
    My last was 20weeks:
    Dbol /Test/Deca /Win
    Dbol 8 first weeks and Winstrol last 5 weeks.

    I started trt after that cycle, i was supposed to start before since my test levels was so bad but i just took that cycle first.. so after i came of in april ive been running trt at 125mg a/week, and it feels great.

    What im thinking with the cycle is just that my test levels will be high for around to weeks after, and i would love to have them high with the var, its no other reason behind it.
    From what iknow about frag is that it is a better option for weight loss than only hgh would be alone.
    Compared to hgh the fat metabolism runs faster and stronger, and its said that its up to 12.5 more potent.
    Normal dosing is like 250mcg/2-3 times a day from what i know, but Iam thinking it would work better taken divided into 2 shots together with my hgh before my cardio, Im no expert but i just think i will see better results then, because of the release of the fat cells into the blood stream... If i sit down and do nothing, they would just return where i dont want them, so if i get up, do some cardio and try to make the max out of it, i will see better results.
    My training will probably be limited to 30-45min sessions 5-6x a week, cardio 45min x 2 times is my goal, but i will start in the lower end like 20-25min x 2 and build up. I will have 1 rest day.
    I have some Masteron E on hand, but Im not sure if i should run it togheter with this.. Was just thinking to keep it simple and at a low dose at the roids this time.

    I have not set up my diet yeat, but it would probably consist of going something like 500-700kcal in minus everyday.
    My diet would be consisting of:
    Healthy fats, like avocado, nuts and flax seed oil.
    Carbs, but in the low end, would add some for breakfest and after my training.
    Proteins from low fat meat sources like chicken fillet, tuna, turkey. And some from fish.
    Will eat 6 meals a day, with something like 40g protein, and 20-25g fat at every meal, carbs will be like 200g a day. Taken after my morning session(oats) and after my evening session. Maybee i add them to one more meal some sweet potatos or cold normal potatos.

    Will try to get in a minus of 700kcal a day.

    Thanks again for input!

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