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Thread: Test,Tren,EQ,Dbol. SweetSupplies g2g?

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    Test,Tren,EQ,Dbol. SweetSupplies g2g?

    Good friends told me about ************ as my dealer left the business. They gave me the following email: ***********@outlook. es
    and told me to contact them, I would be replied with a price list. Got a fast reply with the price list and prices were really good tbh.
    My order came today and everything was alright and looked really good. Ordered 2 EQ 500mg, 1 TREN 300mg, 1 test E 300mg some adex and dbols.
    Vials look pretty good and sexy tbh
    someone has ever tried them? or know about them? thanks!

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    You aren't supposed to post sources. This comes off as a thinly veiled self promotion.

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    why should I promote something I get no benefit from? no money or anything. I am just asking if anyone here has heard about them, presentation looks really good such as prizes but I've never heared about them before thats all. If somoene has experience with them well I would like to know how it went.

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    There a review section for that
    In this and your duplicate thread, edit out the contact info
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    Gonna need you to use your brain guy. Take a look at that. Thereís 2,487 people looking at this site that arenít members. You just gave all of them your dudes contact info. If heís smart he wonít sell to guys like you, because guys like you get people sent to prison.

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