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Thread: How much muscle will be lost with crashed test

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    How much muscle will be lost with crashed test

    Hi everyone i have a problem a year ago i went to the doctors for feeling lethargic this is when i found out i had low testosterone so i started self administering trt not through nhs because i thought being that im injecting just aswell blast and cruise for a bit and sort my body out. a year on i feel im happy with the way i look so i feel its best to acquire the injections through nhs but they want me to not inject for 20 days and then have a blood test and a mri scan. i suspect after a year of doing steroids and low/high doses of test my natural testosterone would be in the toilet in 20 days with no test injections will i loose everything i worked so hard for? also if i was to take something like primobolan would it interfere with a androgen blood test or pituitary mri scan any help would be most appreciated

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    If you do it right, you will lose almost no muscle. You may lose some water retention, but not actual muscle. Usually when people go off they lose the drive to get to the gym and intensity while they are there. If you keep your diet on point and don't let off the gas in the gym, you should be fine. That being said, it is very hard to do, and not many people can actually do it. Motivation usually goes down the drain when test levels are low and estrogen is high. Then you start getting a major case of "the-fuck-its"
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    brother , your only talking 20 days , correct ? ONLY 20 days ! your not going to lose all your gains in 20 days.. your muscles may get just a little bit 'flat' , but try and keep your carb and protein uptake very high in a calorie surplus and train your ass off in the gym . your not going to lose a thing. especially if your just coming off a TRT dose of test to begin (a trt dose of test is still basically normal test levels, nothing anabolic or supraphysiological going on with a trt dose of test)

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    Bro, u r not going to lose shit on 20 days. U were probably taking test e or c and those need like 2 weeks to leave the body which will leave u like 1 week with crashed test? Eat as if u r still on and don't have any negative thoughts and don't stress over unnecessary stuff (to avoid high cortisol) and u will be just fine.

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