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    Is an Albuterol inhaler effective for fat loss?

    Wanting to know if an albuterol inhaler as effective for fat loss compared to albuterol or clenbuterol in pill or liquid form? Or if it has any fat loss or thermogenic effects at all? Thanks

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    Quoting directly from Llewelyn's book Anabolics:
    Albuterol is most commonly found in the form of a rescue inhaler, which is
    designed to disperse a measured amount of the drug immediately and directly to the bronchial tubes in
    times of crisis (asthma attack). This form provides the least amount of systemic drug activity
    possible, which is great for minimizing unwanted cardiovascular side effects. Albuterol oral tablets
    are also available, however, and provide a systemic dose of the drug. These are the subject of interest
    in the bodybuilding and athletic communities, and they can provide significant beta-2 stimulation and
    measurable fat loss throughout the body given the right conditions.
    So, inhalers basically reduce the systemic activity we are trying to get from the drug. Inhalers make sense for asthma patients with cardiac problems, they don't want to put stress on their heart. But for lipolytic purposes, use the tablets.
    Inhalers come with 100mcg doses, tablets on the other hand come with 2-4 mg tablets.

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    there are so many better options for fat loss.. I wouldn't waste my time or money on albuterol

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