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Thread: Low Dose Cycle

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    Low Dose Cycle

    I haven't been on here in a long time! ..... I've recently come in contact with an older retired bodybuilder on TRT. He's 52. He always ran 6 month cycles at low dose in his prime. Honestly he was a monster on the amateur circuit.

    He ran 250mg Enathate and 250mg Deca for the entire week. ... But he ran it 6 months (he ran dbol at 25mgs ED every other two weeks during his cycle. 2weeks on 2 weeks off) I don't want to focus much on that in this post though.

    I know it isn't wise to stay shut down that long, but is there anyone out there practicing this? I don't mind a private message if you don't want to blast yourself publicly. No judgement here.

    MY QUESTION: Is being in an anabolic state all the same once you're in it? I've seen TRT injections as low as .5cc (125mg) cypionate every week administered medically with blood work.

    My perspective comes from a conservative standpoint for those not looking to compete. Proper diet and training regiment implied.

    I know genetics are a huge factor in everything you do. I'm not tying to say that everyone will grow like this example even with a "normal" or bigger cycle. The bold print is my main question with a little backstory as to why I'm asking.
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